Useful information

  • General recommendations to participants:
    • Specific guidelines given by the activity supervisor must be followed.
    • Participants should have the necessary health and fitness conditions for the activities.
    • Bring a hat, appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions, as well as water and snacks.
    • Check the specifications and necessary materials for each activity.
  • Registrations

    All activities require mandatory prior registration until November 26th, as indicated in the program. After registering for paid walks/activities, await contact from the responsible entity to arrange payment. Upon registration, you will receive confirmation from the organization. Check-in at the secretariat is mandatory, as defined in the activity program, before heading to the meeting point for each activity.

  • General Information

    Check-in at the mentioned secretariat for each activity is mandatory before heading to the meeting point. Considering the distance, we advise doing so at least 30 minutes in advance.

  • Documents:
  • Contacts

    Organization: turismo@cm-monchique.pt - 282 910 200
    Firefighters: 282 910 000
    GNR (Police): 282 912 629